Monday, November 5, 2012

SugarCRM Troubleshooting: Those Pesky 500 Errors

Many of us have at some point come across the dreaded Internal Server Error 500 message while routinely visiting random web sites. 

For web site visitors, it can be a frustrating experience, especially if the error is occurring on a page one needs to access to obtain important information. For system administrators, this error is even more frustrating as there is no universal solution to the problem.

Given that SugarCRM is also a web based system, it should be no surprise that it is possible to experience similar errors while using it. Before we get into some of the potential sources of this error, let us take a moment to discuss some items you can quickly cross off your list as potential sources:

1. The web browser. When an error 500 is encountered, it will manifest itself in the same manner on all browsers, whether it be Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. This is because it is a server side problem, thus there is no need to test different browsers.

2. The operating system. As described in the previous point, it is a server side problem. As a result, changes in either the browser or operating system at the end user side will not help alleviate the problem.

Now, let us explore some potential causes for this error.