Thursday, September 24, 2009

Calling all GoldMine users....

Are you a GoldMine user considering a switch to SugarCRM?

Perhaps you already took a look at SugarCRM, but want to get a better representation of the experience by using it with some of your old GoldMine data.  

If so, the FREE SugarCRM Express Conversion (SEC) utility was specifically designed with you in mind.

SEC allows you to take GoldMine data hosted on an MS-SQL Server and migrate it to SugarCRM via a simple, wizard driven interface.

The utility will automatically create Account records based on the data you have in GoldMine.  It will also import the contacts and automatically link them to their corresponding Account record so as to maintain the Company -> Contact relationship.

Some of the functional highlights of the utility include:
  1. Field mapping, including custom fields from GoldMine and SugarCRM
  2. Unlimited record import
  3. Import of e-mail and web address
  4. Works with all Editions of SugarCRM
  5. Supports On-Demand and On-Site deployments of SugarCRM
A paid-for version of the product with additional capabilities is also available.

Some of the additional features include:
  1. Import of Calendar data
  2. Migration of e-mail messages
  3. Optional migration of other data (Opportunities, Calendar, History, etc.)
What you need to use it:
  1. GoldMine SQL connection info (User, password, server and database names)
  2. SugarCRM URL (e.g.
  3. Valid SugarCRM login credentials
  4. Windows XP or higher
  5. .NET 2.0 Framework or higher
For further information on the paid-for version, please contact:

Acts Automation, Inc.


  1. Hi, can you confirm which versions of Goldmine this works with please?
    We have version 6.00.21021 Nov 2002
    DB export file is .dbf
    Many thaks

    1. It works with version 4.0 and higher. Note that it reads the GoldMine database directly and exports are not used.

  2. When I run it, It fail to activate

  3. Does the paid version exist? Visited and the site is constantly down. Looked around the web, and can't find it.


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