Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank You!

Its been a few days, but Happy New Year! 

As I get back to writing content for this blog in this new year, I want to make sure to thank everyone for their support of it. 

A big thank you to everyone, all the regular and casual visitors alike. A special thanks to John Mertic (@jmertic), SugarCRM Community Manager, for his continued support of my efforts, regularly syndicating my content and allowing me the opportunity to post on the SugarCRM Developer Blog as a guest.

My motivation for this blog has never been monetary gain, as the satisfaction from helping people is sufficient for my needs. And your comments, emails and continued visits are quite rewarding and am appreciative of all of them. 

Thanks to all of you, visits to this blog have nearly quadrupled on a month-to-month basis since last year. 

I think it is safe to assume its content is of help. That makes me happy. 

Thanks and best wishes for the new year!

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  1. Thanks Angel, you are great asset to the SugarCRM community. Keep up all the great work!


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