Monday, April 30, 2012

SugarCRM Troubleshooting: Error Deploying Custom Module - Part II

Some months ago I wrote an article discussing a potential solution to an odd problem relating to the deployment of custom modules from within the Module Builder tool. While helpful, there are other situations which may also lead one to the same error.

Recently, the same error appeared on a system when one attempted to deploy a custom module, despite not having any other modules deployed. Attempting to Export the module also failed, with an error indicating that the zlib PHP extensions were not available on the system. This error was critical in resolving the matter at hand.

The zlib extensions are used to compress and decompress zip archive files, i.e. create and open zip archives. As noted in my previous article regarding this topic, the deploy process in Module Builder relies on module packages in order to complete its work. Said packages are zip files. If the system is unable to create the zip archive during the deploy process, as in this case, the deploy process will fail with the error message of:

"An error has occured during deploy process, you package may not have installed correctly."

In summary, if the advice in my prior article does not help resolve your problem, verify that the zlib extensions are installed, as this may also be the source of the problem.

Adding zlib to your PHP installation will vary by system and may require you to recompile. You should consult the PHP documentation for further information on adding/installing zlib support.

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