Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SugarCRM Customization: Lead Conversion Stats Chart

It is always cool to find new ways to visualize data stored in SugarCRM.

For this customization, I focused on exposing data representing the number of Leads converted versus those that were not converted within the given month, commonly referred to as the Lead Conversion Rate. To make this data more readily apparent, I created a custom pie chart, which doubles in helping us see the power of the SugarCRM 7.x framework.

Although the conversion percentages are not demonstrated, I hope it will help you gather some further insights into your Sugar data or build more elaborate charts.

Here is an image based on some sample data:

Feel free to peruse or use the code, found here:

To apply the chart, be sure to follow the instructions given at the bottom of the page at the above link.

1 comment:

  1. We love dashboard examples Angel - very nice and useful chart. We will put it to good use.

    -Chris W


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