Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let Us Continue...

Last week we took a peek under the hood of Sugar 7 to learn about the location of some of its un-minified JavaScript code. Today, we will continue that discussion, except we will focus on core components of the Sidecar technology that makes up the new MVC client in Sugar 7.

Before we proceed, it is worth noting that Sidecar is a combination of open source JavaScript libraries, including jQuery, Backbone and Underscore, among others. Thus, when we talk about Sidecar, what we are really talking about is the consolidated result of these technologies. 

Bearing that in mind, the article referenced at the top of this post speaks to code relating to customizations that we can apply to change a portion of the MVC client. Another portion of that same client adds some magic behind the scenes to tie together the actions occurring on the interface with the backend.

Although we would not be modifying this code, it is worth studying it as it provides us some really good insights into the manner in which the Sidecar technology implements the Sugar object model and framework. But as with the previous post, this task is far easier to accomplish if we have access to the un-minified sources.

Below is a listing of files you should find helpful in your continued learning about Sugar 7 and Sidecar:

Sugar Object
Un-minified Source Folder
ACL, Controller, Metadata, User
SugarBean, Validations 
Data Formatting, Logger
Handlebars Helpers, Views, Alerts

Give those folders a look and share any gems you find within the comments.

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  1. Awesome thanks for the Posts, this is a great SugarCRM resource this whole site ( I have countless pages bookmarked in my Sugar folder from your blog). I am just starting to get into and study v7, I just became pretty good over the past year and a half with v6 Dev however now I feel obligated to put in the effort to learn v7 Dev so my past 2 years with SugarCRm aren't a waste in the future....My ultimate goal is to be able to release Modules that work flawlessly on both v6 and v7 series....I feel it's a steep hill but Jason Eggers has shown with the SugarChimp module that it is indeed possible! I look forward to the future articles, thanks for sharing them and hope you keep them coming =)


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