Thursday, June 12, 2014

SugarCRM 101: Email Delivery

Sometimes I find myself discussing topics relating to Sugar that are difficult to explain without leveraging visual aids. One of those topics happens to be that of the mechanics involved in the delivery of email messages.

In general, the ability to send email, whether ad-hoc messages or those sent through an email campaign, requires the interaction between Sugar and other systems. Because those other systems are not actually within the control of the Sugar application, broader questions pertaining to the delivery of email are sometimes not easily answered, or in some cases, cannot be answered, without leveraging information only available on the other systems. This is often a point of confusion as many folks often assume that all the relevant information is stored somewhere within Sugar, which is not the case.

This short video will discuss this topic in greater detail and hopefully help answer some of your questions pertaining to Sugar and its email delivery mechanics.


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